Building Nation

We, the People

You are the most important person for us. Your voice matters.
Building Nation

One-Stop Solution to All Complaints

Broken roads, overflowing garbage, water problems, demand of bribe, FIR not registered, etc.
Building Nation

Make India Beautiful

You can make India beautiful by just clicking a photograph of the garbage, broken roads or untidy government offices and sending to us.
Building Nation

Raise Your Voice against Injustice

No more tolerating the injustice. Whenever you see any injustice, just write down and send it to us.
Building Nation

My India, Honest India

Are you fed up with bribing for everything? Are you tired of moving from one table to another for government work? Do you dream of honest India? Yes, then write to us.
Building Nation

Praise the Deserving

A large number of government officials and staff work selflessly and tirelessly. They do our job and we often forget.

Write Your Complaint
Making India Developed Nation

Administration at Door Steps

MeriAwaazSuno endeavors that administration delivers services at your door step. Excessive control breeds inefficiency and corruption.
Your Contribution Matters

Clean road is Possible

It is possible that all roads remain clean. It just requires your strong willingness and few minutes to post complaint.
Dedicated to your Dignified Life

Reform for Ease of Living
Administrative Reform

Do away with colonial administrative system. You can reform the administrative system for your ease of living. If you have any idea post it, we will take up.
Judicial Reform

Over 3 Crores pending cases in court! Justice is difficult to access? It needs reform. You can reform it for your dignified life. If you have any idea post it, we will take up.
Political Reform

Corruption ridden politics? Crime in politics? Political system working for only a few? You can bring reform for your freedom and ease of living. If you have any idea post it, we will take up.

Get Solutions Fast

How We Resolve

Once we receive your complaint, Our team contacts the head of the concerned department and some times PM office, CM office, Governor's office, or LG office. Our Strategy is polite persuasion and legal approach. where necessary we approach courts as well to ensure your complaints are dealt with properly.
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Simply send us an email anytime you want , We are open to all suggestions from you.
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