• Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants to sell genuine new products can sell on GetFast.

To sell on GetFast you have to first Register yourself as a Seller.

  1. For this you have to fill the Register as Seller application form by clicking the Register as Seller tab on the top right corner of Sell on GetFast Home page.
  2. After this you will be contacted offline by the GetFast management to seek certain documents from you to approve your application.
  3. After approval of your application you will have to enter into a prescribed Seller Agreement with the GetFast management.
  4. Then you will be provided Login Credentials to become a Registered Seller.
  5. You can then Login by filling your Login Credentials in the Seller Login form to access Dashboard of your Seller Panel.
  6. You can then start listing your products so that it is displayed on the website with details & images for the buyer to select it for buying.

You are generally required to provide GSTIN, PAN, Cancelled Cheque, Address Proof, MOA & AOA in case of Company, List of Products etc. You will be informed by email what documents you exactly need to furnish in your specific case to get registered as a seller on GetFast once you fill the Register as Seller application form.

You can certainly sell your products.

And currently you can sell Imaging Service, Cataloguing Service, Packaging Service and Packaging Materials for the sellers to help them in selling their products on GetFast and the Installation Service to the buyers for the products purchased through GetFast website.

This issue will be resolved during registration process. If your warehouse PIN code is not serviced by our existing Logistics Partners, we will inform you about it and again let you know as soon as your warehouse PIN code becomes serviceable by efforts on our part.

Listing a product refers to filling out all the necessary information and adding images of the product through your Seller Panel so that any buyer may view the product with all its details & images on the website to make an informed buying decision.

We give you User Guide with a step-by-step process of how to list your products on our website.

You should choose the most suitable category to list your product as it will help buyers to find your products faster. You will have to include product details such as brand, model, type, etc. based on the category you choose,

We help you at every stage while doing business with GetFast.

We will also help you to connect with industry experts for the development of product catalogues. They will help you compile attractive images and other contents developed at reasonable prices.

A good catalogue creates a better impression about your products on the buyers which go a long way in enhancing your sales.

Catalogue developers develop high-impact images of your products and attractive product descriptions for your products in your catalogue.

You will fix the Selling Price (all inclusive except shipping cost) of your product displayed on the website as per the Seller Agreement with the GetFast management.

Shipping Cost (inclusive of GST) is shown separately as returned by our Logistics Partners during buying process and is charged from the Buyer over and above the Selling Price of the product.

Any new order is immediately seen on your Seller Panel and you also get an email alert.

As soon as you accept the order, invoice and shipping label becomes available in your Seller Panel for you to print it and pack these with the ordered product properly for pickup and delivery to the Buyer by the Logistic Partner of GetFast.

All other features needed to manage your orders is available in your Seller Panel in a highly user friendly manner and with the help of User Guide made available to you, you can easily manage your orders. And we are always ready to help you if you need any.

GetFast has its own Logistics Partner to handle shipping of all products sold through GetFast website.

You just need to print from your Seller Panel, the Invoice & Shipping Label made available by the system automatically in your Seller Panel for order accepted by you and pack these with the ordered product properly and send Pick Up Request to our Logistics Partner through your Seller Panel.

Our Logistics Partner will pick up the product from you and deliver it to the Buyer.

Volumetric Weight (Dimensional Weight) of a product package, in kilograms, is its gross cubic volume in cubic centimetres (i. e. length in cm x width in cm x height in cm) divided by a fixed number, say 2700, depending on the Logistic Partner’s policy. Logistic Partner calculates the shipping cost on the basis of the higher of the Actual Weight and the Volumetric Weight of the product package. The Logistic Partner’s courier measures both the Actual Weight and Dimensions (Length, Width & Height) of the product package while picking up. Shipping cost shown to the buyer during check out is based on the Actual Weight of the product package mentioned while listing the product.

We do not provide packaging material. We can connect you with good packaging material providers to get high quality packaging material to impress the buyers and to ensure that your products remain undamaged during transit.

Nothing is charged for displaying your products on GetFast website.

Only when your product is sold a small percentage of the payment, comprising Selling Price and Shipping Cost of the sold product, collected from the Buyer by our Payment Gateway is charged as Marketplace Cost.

The payment will be made directly to your bank account through net banking. GetFast will settle your payments within 7-15 business days after release of payment by GetFast”s Payment Gateway.

The Marketplace Cost is very transparently deducted from the payment, comprising of Selling Price and Shipping Cost of the sold product, collected by the Payment Gateway from the buyer and is constituted by following components and applicable GST thereon:

Website Fee: A fixed percentage, mutually agreed between the seller and GetFast management, of the Selling Price based on product category is charged by GetFast management for providing the marketplace services to the seller.

Shipping Cost: As charged by the Logistics Partner on the basis of weight & volume of product package, shipping type selected by the buyer and pickup & delivery location.

Transit Insurance Cost: As charged (say higher of Rs. 200/- or 2% of Selling Price & not required for non-document up to Rs. 5000/- and for documents up to Rs. 1000/-) by the Logistics Partner as per their policy and rates, if such Transit Insurance is considered desirable by the seller.

Additional Shipping Cost: As charged by the Logistics Partner on actual basis as recoupment against invoice for unforeseen Shipping, or Duty / Tax payments if any made during transit by Logistics Partner to competent government agencies, for transit of the product and for the extra shipping cost including GST charged by the Logistic Partner due to Volumetric Weight of the Product Package being higher than the Actual Weight.

Payment Collection Fee: As charged, based on Selling Price in case of Prepaid order, by Payment Gateway and in case of Cash on Delivery order by Logistics Partner, depending upon the Payment Method selected by the buyer.

Banking Fee: As charged by the Banks to complete the transactions related to the sale of the product.

A detailed policy on calculation of the Marketplace Cost is part of the Seller Agreement to be executed between Seller and GetFast at the time of registration of the Seller.

The table below shows a sample of Marketplace Cost calculation.



(A) Selling Price shown on website by the Seller (B+C):


(B) MRP (excl. GST) of the Product declared by the Seller:                                               


(C) Applicable GST (say @ 18%) payable by the Seller:


(D) Shipping Cost including Transit Insurance Cost, if opted by Seller (incl. GST):


(E) Total Amount charged from the Buyer (A+D):


(F) Website Fee (say @ 7% of the Selling Price):


(G) GST on Website Fee (say @ 18%): 


(H) Payment Collection Fee (say @ 3% of A+D):


(I) GST on Payment Collection Fee (say @ 18%):


(J) Banking Fee (say Rs. 10/- fixed):


(K) Service Tax on Banking Fee (say @ 18%):


(L) Additional Shipping Cost, if any charged by Logistic Partner (say nil):                                                         


(M) GST on Additional Shipping Cost (say @ 18%) & unforeseen Duty / Taxes (say nil):


(N) Total Deductions from Total Amount (E) charged by Buyer: (D+F+G+H+I+J+K+L+M):                                                                                            


(O) Amount Payable to the Seller (E-N):                                                                                                                     


(P) Nett Cost of the Product received by the Seller (O-C):                                            


(Q) Nett Marketplace cost excl. GST (F+H+J+L):


(R) Marketplace Cost percentage (% of MRP of the Product excl. GST):


(S) Nett Marketplace Cost incl. GST (A-O):


(T) Nett Marketplace Cost (% of Selling Price of Product incl. GST):


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