WELCOME TO Ehsas Central School & Residential

EHSAS CENTRAL SCHOOL AND RESIDENTIAL was established in 2009 and it is managed by the Pvt. Unaided. It is located in Rural area. It is located in ROH block of NAWADA district of Bihar. The school is N/A in nature and is not using school building as a shift-school.



School Motto & Core Values

We recognize that all students are uniquely talented. Within our exceptionally supportive community, students develop positive relationships and relish the opportunity to realize their individual potential to the full.


Quality teaching team & small classes

When recruiting teachers, the school places much emphasis on selecting and matching the teacher's vocational aspirations and professionalism with the philosophy of the school.


House system to enhance pastoral care

Students' academic as well as personal & social development are fostered through house tutors, who will know students personally from their first day of entering the school to the day of their graduation..


Progress and Achievement team and Personal Growth Programme

The framework includes the design of special activities, courses in life skill education, conduct, personal, career and university counselling services to support the personal growth and well being of every student in the school.


Vibrant Campus

On visiting the school, one is stuck by the lush green campus, the architectural beauty and soothing ambience.


Team of Professionals

An ideal Teacher-Student ratio ensures that each student gets personal attention. Professionally competent and dedicated faculty having a single-minded objective to bring out the best in all the children entrusted to their care.


Excellent Infrastructure

Well equipped and well furnished Labs with excellent facilities for practical work & Language Lab for imparting communication skills in English with an emphasis on individual and group learning.


Best Education & Learning

A well rounded educational environment where academic excellence not only exist, but thrives. Your student will find themselves in a caring and encouraging atmosphere where creativity and achievement are encouraged .


To enrich students' life at school, widen their horizons and realize the potential and talent to the full, the school runs a comprehensive and diverse co-curricular activities programme that embraces disciplines of Sports & Action, Creativity, Music, Drama and other Performing Arts, Technology, Craft, Academic Clubs and Community Service.

Every year the school runs a structured programme of camp activities to extend learning outside the classroom. Camps activities include field expeditions; environmental, adventure and leadership training camps; as well as study visits and service camps overseas.

To promote inquiry-based and multi-media teaching and learning through information and communication technology (ICT), an extensive school-wide network has been installed to match the growing needs of the school, including wireless access and an intranet for collaborative learning and communication within the school community.



Since we relocated to many places, my husband and I researched several schools in the area for our children. After reviewing the academics and class observations we chose Ehsas Central School & Residential. Our children have been happy and it has far exceeded our expectations.Thankyou!



I am so pleased at how well prepared my daughter was to take on high school. It is a testament to the education and confidence she gained at Ehsas Central School & Residential. My daughter is on the all A honor roll taking mostly honors classes.



I love Ehsas Central School & Residential because it is obvious that all of the teachers are there because they want to teach your children, not because they have to.