To become the leading supplier of elevators and escalators with best quality products and prompt service


Colors Elevator believes in maintaining high standards of quality in the raw materials, production and execution of the elevator installation within the time schedule.


We can often identify and remove potential problems before service is interrupted. The availability and fast delivery of spare parts for all types of equipment.

About Colors Elevator

Colors Elevator have been pioneers in Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walks. Established in the year April 2015.We provide industry-leading Elevators/Lifts and innovative solutions for maintenance, breakdowns and Repairing.

High quality and reliability is the secret of its products being admired globally. This is backed up by innovative product technologies allowing Colors Elevator to respond to the growing need for highly efficient vertical transportation solutions.
Load Balancing

We Love To Serve You

Customised Solutions

You think it, we deliver it. We understand your world and offer widest variety of solutions to fit in.Will be happy to discuss with you and offer maximum customisation for your needs.

Upgrades & Modernization

Struggling with your Old and Out of Date Elevator, we can help. Our experienced team will offer best possible and cost effective retrofits and upgrades to your existing system or a complete change over.


We offer Great Value Annual Maintenance Contracts.Our agile team is every ready to serve you with a smile.