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100% Copper 3KVA to 20KVA Home Service


Model no 809 CT CR

Price 22590

Model no 509 A+M CR

Price 16890

Model no 440v DP CR 5kva

Price 15690

Model no-1009 CT CR Oil

Price 29990

Model no-109 CT CR

Price 4290

Model no-440v DP CR 4kva

Price 12290

Model no-209 CT CR

Price 7290

Model no-406 CT CR

Price 7890

Model no-709 CT CR

Price 20990

Model no-1009 CT CR

Price 27990

Model no-309 A+M CR

Price 10690

Model no-409 CT CR

Price 11990

Model no-1509 CT CR

Price 42590

Model no-59 CT CR

Price 2990

Model no-440v DP CR 10kva Oil

Price 30290

Model no-509 CT CR

Price 14890

About S-Power Company

The uneven power supply can cause destruction to electronic devices such as heavy motor, refrigerants, and other high power sensitive devices. Such problems cause high downtime, temporarily or permanent damage to the devices, or harm their productivity as well. The best solution to this overcome this power fluctuation problem is to use the stabilizers

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