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The founder Late md junaid hassan khan established this business in the year 1977. In a very rarely populated place called Hajipur,vaishali in the state of Bihar. In his entire lifespan of business, he was truely passionate of his work . He just ensured and focused on the quality of the medicine. In the initial phase of business he was like one man army to the entire firm. He was so diciplined regarding his business hours. It will be surpising for all us that he just started this business from Rs 500/- In the 1977 this amount was a lot of money to start with. As the time passes by , years passed away that money in the year 2019 worth a lot.

Late Md Junaid Hassan Khan
Md Anwar Hassan Khan

Legacy maintained by his youngest son Md Anwar Hassan Khan.

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Buying an existing pharmacy: With this option, you'll get a pharmacy that has already been established and has a consumer base. You may also be able to keep some of the staff that worked in the previous pharmacy, which will save time searching for employees later. However, it will most likely be more expensive to buy an existing pharmacy. You'll have to get a bigger loan, find more investors, and wait longer before you start turning a profit from your business.

Building a new pharmacy: This option is often cheaper than buying an existing business. With fewer financial arrangements to worry about, you can open the store faster. However, you'll be starting from scratch with customers, so earning a profit may take longer. You'll have to advertise extensively, preferably before your store opens, to make sure you have enough customers to keep your business afloat. It may take a while before enough people know your store to give you a consistent profit.


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